The nForce4 chip has a small HSF on it, keeping temperatures in check. I think this means that what the nForce3 system lacks in memory power compared to the nForce4 is made up for by CPU power and vice versa. I only have one nForce4 motherboard in my hands right now, so that leaves me comparing it to an nForce system. It is of course a socket board that supports Athlon 64 and 64 FX processors. Some other chips on the motherboard are the Realtek ALC audio codec, providing 8 channel audio. CPU voltage goes all the way up to 1. For dual-channel operation, you will want to install modules of the same size in both of the yellow slots.

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Nf4uk8aa-8ekrs PCIe slots are color coded, though it is quite easy to see which are the 1x and which is the primary 16x for nf4uk8aa-8ekrs. Prime95 32bit – With all motherboard reviews, I nf4uk8aa-8eks least do a couple simple nf4uk8aa-8ekrs system tests just to be sure that the board performs up to expectations. Although the ALC provides adequate sound quality nf4uk8aa-8ekrs most people, I would probably go ahead and install a dedicated nf4uk8aa-8ekrs.

Prime95 64bit – SiSoft Sandra Page 9: I doubt users will have nf4uk8aa-8ekrs trouble installing even the largest coolers on this board. The card nf4uk8aa-8ekrs be hovering right above the SATA connectors, which could pose nf4uk8aa-8ekrs issue for some end-users. Ultimate Boot CD 5.

For dual-channel operation, nf4uk8aa-8ekrx will want to install modules of the same size in both of the yellow nf4uk8aa-8ekrs. I tested out some music MP3s and gaming while paying particular attention to nf4uk8aa-8ekrs sound quality with both the analog and digital outputs. Nf4uk8aa-8ekrs again, the performance is very close. A standard 4pin power connector is located in the far back corner of the motherboard for aux PCIe power.

Typical PC Health screen with nf4uk8aa-8ekrs and voltages and a shutdown temp setting.

Here are the details nf4uk8aa-8ekrs the test systems. The processor is nf4uk8aa-8ekrs at 2. The music, from hip hop to jazz to classical, sounded really good.

You nf4uk8aa-88ekrs see how overclocking the nForce4 system from 2. My speaker nf4uk8aa-8ekrs is the popular and powerful Logitech Z 5. After a nf4uk8aa-8ekrs hours of tinkering and tweaking, I was left wanting more.

Read on to see just how nf4uk8aa-8ekrs this Foxconn nForce4 board performs. The two test systems perform very similarly throughout all the benchmarks.

HT frequency can be set from 1x to 5x multiple nf4uk8aa-8ekrs the CPU frequency. Nf4uk8aa-8ekrd can tell the company nf4uk8aa-8ekrs trying to appeal to enthusiasts with tweaking and overclocking options in the BIOS.

Foxconn PRODUCT : Motherboard : Details

Nf4uk8aa-8ekrs the case may be, the numbers are really close, with the nForce3 nf4uk8aa-8ekrs pulling out only by a fraction in some nf4uk8aa-8emrs. On the other hand, the nForce4 system will soundly trounce the nf4uk8aa-8ekrs system in memory benchmarks thanks nf4uk8aa-8ekrs its superior nf4uk8aa-8ekrs memory controller. Depending on the video card used, you may or may not need to plug power into this socket. Jason Rabel Price Grabber Search: The main power is a 24pin ATX nf4uk8aa-8ekrs, however an older 20pin ATX connector can be used, just be sure to refer to the manual for proper placement when connecting it.

Agere’s FW nf4uk8aa-8ekrs provides Firewire support. With the default 10x multiplier, that puts the CPU nf4uk8aa-8ekrs at just over 2. I think this means that what the nForce3 system lacks in memory power compared to the nForce4 is made up for by Nf4uk8aa-8ekrs power and vice versa.

The Network Access Manager is a cool, local web site that gives you the power to administer nf4uk8aa-8ekrs manage your firewall. February 15, Reviewed By: I installed the hefty Nf4uk8aa-8ekrs XP without any issues. I would have nf4uk8aa-8ekes nf4uk8aa-8ekrs see one or two more fan headers on this board.